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Have you ever thought, while watching these cartoon animations, "I wish I could create such animations too!"? Children will be able to draw all kinds of popular cartoons after completing this course.

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This comprehensive biology course is designed to teach elementary school students important biology concepts, such as human anatomy and ecosystems fundamentals. The course contains fun and engaging lessons that can be used for test preparation, homework help, tutoring and more.

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Our classes are designed to get kids excited about quantum physics and its impact on our lives! Quantum physics is the foundation of modern technology: electricity, solar energy, batteries, wifi, computers.

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The course focuses on speaking and listening in everyday situations such as daily conversations, presenting yourself, spelling, common mistakes and pronunciation.

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Graphics Design

In essence, graphic design is just visual communication. It is the way we speak to others and convey information without actually saying much. In this way, children are able to illustrate their own thoughts visually.

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ICT doesn't simply refer to computers, as we often believe, but includes anything that allows for the input of instructions to produce a specific result. Superkids use various ICT tools to communicate, create, disseminate, store, and manage information.

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Our goal is to create content that will end math anxiety. A key component of our testing strategy is making math worksheets fun. We create highly illustrated math worksheets for children of all ages that cover just about any topic.

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Celebrate chemistry with slime! Kids can learn about chemistry with games, videos, hands-on activities, and other exciting interactive content. Using their new chemistry knowledge, makers will create slime with their desired properties.

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Coding For Kids

Get your child ready for the modern world with project-based coding classes. The fun way to learn programming and develop problem-solving & critical thinking skills!

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